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June 16, 2010



Ew. I'm so sorry. I am one of those who has never been called. That hardly seems fair! Isn't there a sort of "everyone has to take a turn" sort of thing?

I've heard that book is very good!


I was called once, and also thought the crime was in not allowing the jurors to knit...what kind of disgruntled juror do they want on the panel anyway? Crazy...

Oh yeh...but they allow a camera in there?? Go figure! LOL!!

Good luck, maybe they'll settle out of court before the 2 weeks are up and you'll be free to enjoy Junuary!! :)


I'm reading the same book right now, and it's fantastic. There are a couple of graphic scenes (so be warned!), but the book is really well crafted. Enjoy jury duty the best you can! I hope at least the trial is interesting!


It is outrageous that you can't knit while on jury duty! Have you seen this comic? http://www.knitprincess.com/?m=20100507

Maybe you could show it to the staff at the courthouse in protest!


I frackin' LOVED that book so much! And the next one in the series is even better!!!! I cannot wait to see who they cast for the movie.

Never been called for jury duty. Never will. One advantage of being a resident alien :0)

enjoy :0)


last time I was on jury duty they wouldn't let me bring knitting needles, but a crochet hook was fine! I guess they thought it was safer 'cause it wasn't as pointy as KNs.

That book is excellent - as are the rest of the series - one of the few books I have read worth giving up knitting time for.

Bethany Whitney

I'm so glad to see you blogging again, and that you are in a better space than you were a few months ago. I was worried about you! Hope you are doing well!


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