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June 09, 2010



glad to see you back@


Welcome back! It sounds like you are doing much better.


It's so good to hear from you again! I'm very glad that you're feeling better.

Yay for the Black Cat Kit!


Welcome back...you've been missed!


Look at your darling new blog layout!! Love the busy bee...just like someone I know!!!

Welcome back to blog land!! You've been deeply missed!!



Yay Jen! Glad to have you back! :D


It's great to see that you're back! I haven't been familiar with Woolgirl for long but love, love, LOVE the products I ordered so far! Am hoping to join one of your clubs sometime in 2010. I heard whispers and am waiting patiently ... or at least, I try. ;o)


Hey! Glad you're back. We are always lurking around waiting to see what treats you have in store (in the store).


We have missed your online presence. Welcome back and continued healthier times for you!


Aw geez, I just got my Tea Party kit last week (my 1st one, not my last), signed up for the Java kit, read your newsletter today, and yes, you've sucked me in again. The Black Cat Halloween - signed up. Sigh, black kitties always have a special spot in my heart.

Good to hear (my assumption) that you are feeling better. Can't wait for fall, can't you ship now??? ;-)


Really glad to see you're up and blogging again - I really love your posts! Keep on keeping on!

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