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October 12, 2009



There are approximately 145 pieces in a 1 pound bag of candy corn. Yum!


There are appx. 200 pieces of Candy Corn per lb.


My guess is 250 pieces in a 1 lb bag!


I'm going with one web search that came up with 294 pieces of candy corn in a one pound bag.

kim in oregon

Google says 294!


I have a pair of candy corn earrings I made a few years back. I just saw them yesterday and thought I needed to get them out. :)

Approximately 264 candy corns in a 1 lb bag.

I have a trail mix here that I am eating on right now that has mixed nuts, dried cranberries, autumn mix and Halloween M&M's. Yummy!

Jen B

my guess is 294 candy corns in a 1 lb bag.

kelly-ann (on Ravelry)

By my calculations....based on 22 pieces per 40 grams, it should be 250 pieces.


Approx. 264 pieces in a 1 lb. bag.
Yum. Now I want candy corn!


I'd imagine it depends on the brand, but Google says 294.


I vote for 294! Candy corn and autumn mix don't seem to stay long at our house!


The average one-pound bag of candy corn contains 294 kernels :)


what is the beautiful yarn before the "trick or treat" winner? with the white and purple and green and orange - that looks like a must-have!


It looks like I'm one of the lower ones. Based on # per oz I'm going with 226 in a 1 lb bag.


I say there is an average of 294 kernels of candy corn in a one pound bag.

Patty L.

I would guess 294


My guess is 294!




About 221 in a one pound bag. Brach's has 1 lb. 10 oz. bags that have about 360 pieces in them - yum!


There are about 294 candy corn kernels in a one pound bag.


I'm going with Google and saying 294.


I found 294 in a 1 lb bag.


Based on my bag, there are 280.


Google don't know crap! Brachs candy corn has 216 fully formed corns in a pound. Now, if you buy the cheap walmart crap (they do taste like crap), there are 254 fully formed corns in a pound. But those don't count. Only Brachs count!


According to Google, there are 294 kernels in the average bag :)

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