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January 06, 2009



Big Hugs to Abby!! I'm sure she knows that you and Kevin are trying your best to make her comfortable.


Feel better, Abby. (hugs)

She knows what you're saying, she just has a hard time saying back right now.

kim in oregon

Oh Poor Poor Abby! Thank Goodness you found her and that she gave that Red Fox what for!

Not sure if your vet mentioned this, but raw honey on the wounds is a natural antibiotic. We used it on our dog Cody's wounds after cancer surgery with great results. I hope she feels better soon. How we love our furbabies.


Awww! Poor baby! Hugs to Abby and wishes for a speedy recovery!


Oh Abby, you poor little muffin! I'm sending you gentle hugs for a speedy recovery. And Jen, I can only imagine how stressful this has been for you and your husband. My "herd" includes 5 dogs and 2 cats, so I truly feel for you all.


oh no! I'm glad you're able to help nurse her back to health, even if she can't understand what you're saying. (sometimes I think dogs do, though.)


Jen -
Don't worry about us. We, your loyal customers (and friends) will be here when you are done nursing your baby. I am so sorry about this attack. It was so lucky you were close. Give her hugs from my doggies and one from me too. Heal quickly, Abby.


Oh Jennifer, poor Abby. Hope she's feeling better though you will most probably have to walk her out at night from now on for everyones peace of mind.

It must have been the day for it yesterday as my beautiful old English Springer Spaniel, Marley, had the bottom of his ear bitten off by the neighbors dog. He's scheduled for surgery at noon and hopefully will be home this evening. We all miss him, even the cats.


Don't you dare worry about any of us....Poor Darling Abby! All of the Woolgirl family are sending her (and you) tons of hugs and kisses and healing thoughts. It just breaks my heart to read this....I'm just so glad you guys were so close and so quick to be there for her. We love you Abby!!!


I'm so sorry about Abby! And animals may not understand our spoken language, but I believe they understand our love and caring for them. Hope you are all feeling better soon!


Oh, bless.

I hope she recovers quickly.

Sweet, sweet, girl.

Hope you are okay, too.


Poor Abby! Take care of her, we all have plenty of yarn. :) (at least I sure do...)


Oh, Abby. Lots of love to all of you, Jen. Hope your girl is all better in no time. xoxoxo


I am so sorry to hear that, poor Abby. I hope she gets better soon.


Oh no. Oh poor Abby...I pray she is okay and feeling better soon! Sooooo scary! I can't even imagine. Thank goodness she is alright.

Big hugs and lots of treats to Abby and big hugs to you!! Take good care of her :)


Great big hugs to Abby and some thrown in for you and Kevin. I hope Abby makes a speedy recovery and she make not be able to speak but she knows she's loved. :)


big hugs to the pup! that's so scary!!!!


Oh no!!! Sending healing vibes and kitty kisses to little Abby! Poor baby!!

I'm so, so very sorry to hear about this! Let me know if I can do anything for you guys or Abby!!

Big hugs to you and Woolboy!

Account Deleted

Oh no! Poor Abby. Sending all the healing doggy vibes that I can.


Aw, the poor thing! I know the feeling about wishing to be able to portray ideas to your dog. It's the same with babies.


Love and (very gentle) hug to Abby. And you all hug each other - what a comfort that you are all there, whole, and together. I hope Abby heals quickly.


Oh, no, poor poor Abby!! That's just terrible...our thoughts are with her, and you as you get her back to health. And I'm so glad she's going to be okay!


I highly recommend "rescue remedy" for all of the family .
Sending you all love & healing!


Oh, baby her as much as she needs. We can wait. Hugs to all of you and Abby.


My gosh, thats awful! Poor Abby! I hope Abby is feeling better....lots of loves to Abby....

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