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September 13, 2008


Kathryn Sigman

That was very moving. I work with autistic children in a public school as well as Down's Syndrome. It is an honor and a pleasure for me.


You know I will be buying some tomorrow Jen. Thank you for giving autism and autism research the much needed attention. The families and children I work with everyday go through more than I think any of us can imagine.


I'll help sell it out. I know this cause is dear to Carrie's work & heart.

Here's to hoping one day we can pinpoint all the specific causes and cure.


Thank you!!! My son is 3 and autistic. We'll be on the road most of the day tomorrow. Hopefully there will be a skein left to buy for me when I get home!!!


I just wanted to point out that life with my autistic son is not all dreary and sad. He is a complete joy. I realize people use verbage like this to drum up sympathy to get donations, but at the same time, I think it's important to focus on the achievements of our children rather than what's not typical.

I'm not upset at all - I know you're trying to help - I just wanted to point out that there is nothing wrong with this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dandelions2/2835136802/in/set-72157607150050226/ (Yep, he's in love with that llama.) :)


What a wonderful post! Our power was restored last night from Hurricane Ike and almost immediately the stimming, flapping, and loud repetitive noises ended! Thank goodness! The hurricane shook us all up but It was twice as hard on Hillard. We are all very happy we suffered minimal damage to our home as we begin clean up.
Thank you Jen.


oooo, forgot to mention I love the last photograph! Very touching photo and the knits are very cute!


Wow, such a worthy cause, and beautiful yarn. I love the pictures, especially the hand in hand at the bottom - beautiful knit cuffs! (at least, I think they're cuffs... or are they sweaters?)


This is truly a touchy post. Catherine is so good with her yarn and all that is going on in her life and Trish is a great knitter. :)


I feel for the parents of
an autistic child. I myself
had a child born with very
little gray matter in his
brain. I am 69 years old
and we had no support systems back then. He never mentally advanced
beyond 3 months. Always had to be fed baby food
and carried. I kept him
home for 14 years until I
couldn't carry him any more. They told us that he
would only live three months but he made it to 33
years old. He passed in 1991. I am dealing with
a bad disease process myself and having a hard time knitting. Will try to
purchase some yarn for
the autistic children.

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