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May 07, 2007



I like b! And I'd call it "walk through the fire".


I like b as well. I would call it l'Allemagne, which is French for Germany. The colors remind me of the German flag, and I think Germany sounds so pretty in French (it's basically pronounced lah-luh-mahn-yuh.) So that's my reasoning.... :)


I like C, a beachy theme

Theresa in Italy

I like C; I'd call it "misty river."

Kris (Monkey Sock Pal)

I love A...NH Fall colors, but I'll pick D, and I'd call it Outer Banks, for it reminds me of the beaches and sand dunes of the Outer Banks in North Carolina...my very favorite vacation spot!

Spiffy Knits!

I vote for C and think "Lady of the Lake" would be a great name. It reminds me of that cool scene in "Excalibur" when Arthur is given the sword by the Lady of the Lake.


I like D. I'd call it Morning Dew.

Linda in Ohio

I like A. I would call it
"Voyage to the Sun".


I love colorway C and I would call it "Field of Lilacs".

Kathy T

My favorite is B. I like the contrast of the black with the brightness of the reds & oranges. I would call it "Hot Summer Night".

Shawna B

I really like C, I would call it "Violaceous".

Karen C

I like them all, but my favorite would have to be B. I was going to suggest "under the volcano," but since you're drawing the names on Mother's Day, I would call it "Hot Mama."


Colorway C - Georgia's Dream or Ghost Ranch, because it looks like the mesas and sky in a Georgia O'Keefe painting of the Ghost Ranch area in NM.


C is great. How about something simple, "Ice". Or, "Ice Storm"


I like c and I would call it "Morning Glories"


I like "B" and I would call it "Fire and Ash".



Blazin' Sunset


I like "C" the best and I would name it "Fallen Angels".


C for me as well - Beach Chair!

Count Sassy

C, absolutely - maybe call it Spring Sunset?


My first choice would be C, and I would call it: Waves of Memories because it reminds me of the Southern Carolina beach that I lived by. I also like D and I would call it "Mystical Sands of Time" for much the same reasoning. It reminds me of
the beach and I would lay there for hours letting the sand run in between my toes and fingers. It felt so soothing to feel it's cool grains...I digress LOL back to work. A I would call Blaze of Glory,just reminds me of a big fire.


B for me....and I's call is "Madam"


I like C. I would call it "Dream".

Peggy T.

B is for Bonfire. Perfect for raking leaves, making smores, hikes in a sweater down a leaf strewn path. Wishful thinking on my part - I live in the Arizona desert!


I like "C" and I would call it Persian Lilacs

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