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February 01, 2008



I just know that the house sale will go swiftly and smooth.


What a beautiful colorway and a fantastic idea!

Good luck with the house sale!


Ewww... Peeps are nasty!!

That Umojo yarn is very pretty, and what a good cause.

karen (morsecode on ravelry)

I love the Kenya colorway, but I am sooooo not supposed to be buying any more yarn at the moment (I splurged on some Twisted Sisters -- oooh, that might be a good brand for you to consider carrying -- at a LYS when I was visiting a friend in Waterloo, ON last weekend).


congratulations to the winners! Those yarns are tempting! Good luck selling your house, I'm sure the right person will come along real soon! : )


You've just been given a "You Make My Day" award from We Heart Yarn! Thank you for making my day!


Peeps? Something else we don't have here in Scotland, she sighs ....

Wendy in Cambridge

I am a Peep fanatic! They've been my favorite candy for practically my whole life. I just got some of the strawberry ones, but we don't seem to have the vanilla ones here--boo! I know I'd love those.
The Kenya colorway is beautiful, and what a wonderful cause to support.


That Family Pendragon yarn looks fantastic...is it fingering weight or sport weight, and how many yards on a skein?
Congrats to the winners!


Hope everything goes smoothly with the sale of your house.

I'm definately coming back to get some of the Family Pendragon yarn. Their colors are seriously gorgeous.


Wow. That Umoja yarn is great - what a good idea.

As usual, your blog is full of eye candy . . . and well, real candy!

You've been tagged (probably not the first time) with the "You Make My Day" aware for all your enabling posts and for your fun take on all things knitting. LOVE YOU!


My DH LOVES Peeps! I buy them for him at Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter. They're not just yellow chicks anymore. Speaking of yummy, love those photos of pretty yarn!

Miss Scarlett

The Umojo colourway is beautiful! So much more so because of the wonderful things it will accomplish.

Thank you for hosting such a powerful fundraiser.

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