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June 01, 2007



Oh - what a fun idea!! I'd like to see one based on Gilmore Girls, especially since they had a knitting episode and now it's over. For colors, I'd say something sophisticated, classy and fun, like our Gilmore ladies - pinks (all sorts of shades), purples, browns and whites.


Well my favorite show is already on the list (Buffy), but you could do a Kenshin colorway (an anime series). The main character is a samurai who has a redish/brown haircolor and wears purple and white. That would make a pretty cool looking sock I'm sure! :)

Linda in Ohio

Oh...what fun! My show is "The Andy Griffith Show". (Today is Andy Griffith's Birthday - he is 81) For colors...Tan and black from their uniforms, and blues from most of Aunt Bee's dresses!


Cool contest! My favourite show is the Amazing Race, and it just so happens that their website happens to be in some of my favourite colours -- blues & greens.

I think I'd add in some smokey grey, though, to signify the whoosh of the action, and some taupe, to signify the dust left from some of the competitors' trails.


Ooo! I have the Anne of Green Gables yarn and it is gorgeous! I would like to have a colorway based on Heroes (I'm a geek)! Maybe like the black and yellowish-orange of their logo....


Oh, fun!

I can't beleve that Jana doesn't already have this one but my favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy.

I would dye the yarn in a colorway hues of reds bleeding onto and into hues of blues.

The blues would be like the scubs the cast wear during their surgeries and while they're in the hospital. It is also for their true-blue friendship for each other as they co through the tragedies of life.

The red is for the blood of the surgeries. Where precious lives are saved or sometimes not. This is also for their hearts that are given in love. Or the broken heart...that doesn't discriminate even if you a doctor.

That being the yarn in the color of the hues of the blue scrubs with the reds bleeding onto or into them.


Murphy Brown! A mixture of chocolate brown (of course), khaki (for her coats and slacks), robin's egg blue (a color that looks fabulous on Candice Bergen), and a pale buttercup yellow (for C.B.'s blonde hair).


All of my faves are already on her etsy store (Grey's, Medium & Buffy) but my boyfriend is a BIG Smallville fan. Smallvill yarn would have to be vibrant red and blue with a hint of yelow running through. I'd buy it as he would just LOVE sock made from it.


My favourite show is Deadwood - I think a wonderful mix of light & deep dark browns to show the dusty town with a little dark red throughout beacuase I always remember a dress that Alma wore - but I also because the town is violent! Too icky? But I just love the idea of a startling colour in the sea of brown - a little startling reminder what is underneath!

Dang. Now I want to dye some Deadwood yarn! :)


Brady Bunch - and it would have those funky 70's greens, yellows - maybe a dash of orange. - cheerful


One more!! Oprah. Purples - Just shades of Purples.


Alias! I think you could do camouflage colors, since she's always in disguise and then put a bright shot of pink, red or blue because Sydney is always wearing a hot pink, red, or blue wig in some of her party undercover operations!


One of my favorite TV show is Facts of Life. The colorway could be based on the New England turning of the leaves in fall, which coincides with school starting and for the show being based in a school in upstate NY. The colors could be golds, browns, sage green etc., and a few bright red colors to represent Enda Garrett's hair. She was the school cafeteria coordinator and mother hen of the show! My husband loves the show as well, although he will never admit to it!


Another favorite show, which my husband would admit to watching is Wonder Woman. The colorway could be the classic red, white and blue for her outfit and maybe some gold thrown in for her lasso of truth!


Weeds is another great show. The colorway could be different shades of green (for obvious reasons)!


Another show that I watch, which is a show that I watch when my husband is not around as he would never be caught dead watching it is Flavor of Love. The colorway could be shades of red, with some bright gold mixed in for Flavor Flav's gold teeth! This colorway could also work for the show Love Connection which was I show that I used to watch, but I have not seen in a long time.


Heroes definitely. I would suggest the colors from the sunburst that is the logo (black, orange, yellow...).


c'mon people. how can we all forget about miss Veronica Mars?!?!?! the super duper sweet show you KNOW you love.

colors??? i can think of several colorways.

1. black, white and sepia for her photography.

2. brown, pink and green for the colors she wears most often (maybe i watch this show too much?)

3. green and white, for Neptune High's school colors.

4. maroon and gold, for Hearst College's colors.

man, i know way too much.

Linda in Ohio

Oh...I thought of another one. "Passport to Europe" with Samantha Brown. The colors would be pink and brown...which she wears all of the time!!!


My favorite show is Grey's Anatomy. I would do the colorway in shades of gray, misty green and dusty blue. Reminiscent of a cloudy Seattle sunset.


I really like House! I think shades of grey/silver, khaki or brown and shades of blue could work together.


My favorite show is The Colbert Report. The colorway might include the navy blue of his 'conservative' suit (maybe even red, white, and blue..) and then the subversive elements of the brown of Stephen's eyes and hair and the gold of the eagle beak! Or maybe a color that matches the intensity of his ties. It's true...I have a little crush on him. Ok, big crush.


One of my favorite TV shows is "Freaks and Geeks." The colors this show makes me think of are olive green, for Lindsay's army jacket; jet black, because Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" is the theme song; and some variegated yellow/light brown for Kim Kelly's hair.

Wendy in Cambridge

I like "The Tudors", the new series about Henry VIII. The colorway would be jewel tones; rich reds, blues and greens. And, of course, some royal purple!

I got some of Jana's "Buffy"; in fact, it arrived today. That's my all-time favorite show, and the colorway is spectacular!


"Dark Shadows". Anyone remember that one :)? Black with amythest, emerald and lapis, maybe a little darkest cherry; perfect colours for a turn-of-the-century vampire.

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